Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, it has happened again. Or, maybe I am just more aware of what people are doing these days. Open your eyes and watch what goes on in your lives.

You may remember the blog I did on December 24, 2008 about the lady who was either Dishonest or Destitute and possibly “stealing” drinks from McDonalds? If not just go back and read it for reference.

On a Sunday no less, I am eating lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken. No, not the fried chicken but I wanted to try their new grilled chicken. So, here I am sitting there eating the grilled chicken, which was quite good by the way. In walks an older couple and the man comes to the table next to me to sit down and the wife gets in line to order.

There are a number of people there and it is taking some time. After a while, really only a few minutes, the man gets up and goes out to the parking lot. He opens the trunk of his very new looking Lexus 400. Not the baby Lexus but the big one. He comes back with a Wendys cup and proceeds to go the self service drink fountain and get one.

Shortly after that the lady comes with their order and they begin to eat. They recognized me and said hello etc. You see we go to the same church and are members of the same country club. I knew who they were and knew that these people are not poor and in fact, they are what you might say is wealthy!

Why are these people doing this? Is it the thrill of getting away with something? Certainly they are not hurting for money in this case. Others might be but maybe they could just drink water?

Certainly I am not an angel. Yes, I have used pencils, pens and paper clips etc from the company that I used to work for. But, if someone gives me too much change I give it back to them. I don’t knowingly cheat businesses out of their product.

What is going on here? Do I have my head in the sand? Am I the only somewhat honest person in the whole country? Do we have a major problem with integrity and character in our country?

What do you think? Let me hear from you on this.