Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well it has been two weeks since the procedure. Two weeks on crutches and one more to go. It seems like the longest two weeks in history and especially the last week.

This of course is due to the dental adventures. The root canal was finally wrapped up this past Tuesday. More Novocain and more drilling. The good news is that I don’t have much pain but the bad news is that the tooth now needs a crown. I have made the dentist’s mortgage payment this month for sure.

Back to the ankle. If I can hang in there on the crutches through Thanksgiving and through next Tuesday, all I will have left to do is wear the walking boot for a week.

I have to admit that some weight has been put on my left foot from time to time. Not anything constant however. Please don’t tell my doctor!

Not much else to report on the ankle. Family is coming in for Thanksgiving and I hope that everything will work out ok with me having to still be on the crutches. I haven't been much help to Candy in getting ready. I am sorry about that but things are in pretty good shape food and housewise.

So, another report next week after I ditch the crutches.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This has turned out to be the root canal from hell! What? Isn’t this supposed to be about the PRP ankle procedure? Yes it is but the tooth issue is outweighing the ankle issue right now.

My ankle is about the same; using the crutches and the walking boot. No real pain at this point but of course there has been no “ankle activity”.

The tooth is a different story however. I last reported that the dentist did a root canal on this past Monday. Little did I realize that he only completed part of the process. The tooth was drilled out on Monday; of course after numerous Novocain shots. But the holes or canals were not filled up. Seems like there was an infection problem.

So I went back on Tuesday for what I thought would be the end of the process. Little did I know! More drilling after more Novocain shots! Not only does my ankle look like a pin cushion but now my jaw also is a pin cushion.

Ok, I gut it out and we will be done in this second session. But, when he is finished he said to come back in a week for the finish. What is going on here? The canals are still not filled up with the final filling. We need to wait longer for the infection to go away. I have been on antibiotics and mega pain pills. I am supposed to keep on taking them until both the pain and infection go away.

Man, this is way more than I signed up for! I am sure this is small potatoes compared to the problems others are having in today’s world so I am thankful for that but it does hurt a lot. The pain pills don’t do too much really and especially at 3 in the morning the pain comes’a’pounding in my jaw.

More to come later,

Monday, November 15, 2010


Today was the first follow-up visit with the Doctor. It was scheduled for 1:10 PM. However, this turned out to be the day from Hell! Do you want the whole story?

Here we go. I woke up this morning around 4 AM with a pounding pain in my left upper jaw. The culprit was the second from the back molar. Very sensitive to touch; even if my tongue touched it. Hurt a lot.

I did have a dental appointment scheduled for Tuesday but seeing how today is Monday, I wasn’t going to make it until then. So in addition to going the foot doctor, I got a root canal today as a bonus. Now the tooth hurts a lot still from all the drilling and Novocain shots. So when people say “that was as much fun as a root canal” they mean that it really was not much fun. No kidding; I am lying in the chair stiff as board waiting on the pain come. That my friends is stress.

Back to the foot doctor. He took the bandages off and guess what? I had thought he did about 4 injections. Well, there are nine little holes with scabs where the injections went in. This is in addition to the three holes where the nerve blocks went in. My lower ankle looks like a pin cushion!

The prognosis is to stay on crutches for another one to three weeks; as long as I can stand it. Further, he gave me a walking cast to wear from now until one week after I give up the crutches. Then, I can start swimming and doing the stationary bike. No elliptical or treadmill machines however. Upper body weights will be ok then as long as I am sitting down.

The bottom line question for me was: when can I swing a golf club? Bottom line answer was February one; my birthday. What a present that will be! So no golf from November 10 to February 1; basically three months. Since it took me about a year and a half to get here, I guess that is ok.

More entries to come later; tune in on the same channel.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dear Diary,

This is the third day after the procedure. I am still on crutches; yes, I know the Doc told me I would be on crutches for two to four weeks. But, it seems like a long time since Wednesday! I am pretty bored actually. The main problem is not being able to be outside and enjoy this beautiful fall weather we are having.

I can get around pretty good but the problem is that I can’t take anything with me. For example, want to take a drink from the kitchen to the den? No can do. Want to take a book from the den to the bedroom to read at night? No can do. I have to have someone help me do little things like that. In my case, it is my lovely and devoted wife. She is being very nice to me and I will owe her big time when this is all over.

I also need help taking a bath. The doc said no showers since I am not to stand on the ankle and have a wrapping on it. But, something has to give. I mean the body odor can become pretty bad to me even if it is my own smell! So, we put a trash bag on my lower leg and put a bungee cord around it to keep the water out. Then I sit on the side of the tub and swing my legs around and lower myself with both arms. After that, we just soap and rinse like you would when normally taking a bath.

We went out for lunch yesterday and a friend took me out to lunch the day before so I am getting out a bit. Thank goodness the weather is beautiful and not rainy or anything like that. I am getting to read some books and catch up on the magazines. At church we are “reading the bible in 90 days” so I have caught up on that as well.

So, it is not all bad and I hope that the procedure actually works and the ankle gets healed up! Further, that my wife still loves me when it is all over.

I go back to the Doctor on Monday so another entry in the journal will come out then with an updated prognosis.

Friday, November 12, 2010


This past Wednesday I had the injection. What is it? PRP is a relatively new therapy for repairing connective tissue in the body. The blood is drawn from the patient; put in a centrifuge and all but the platelets and plasma are separated out. This is what is injected into the wound. It is supposed to promote quicker healing of the damaged area.

In my case, I have had an inflamed tendon for about one and half years. It resulted originally from playing tennis. I knew that something happened when it happened. But I kept on playing. The next morning my ankle hurt like a sprain or maybe it felt like I jammed it.

So, I quit playing tennis but kept on playing golf. If you are a golfer, you know that golf puts a lot strain on the left side; in particular the knee and the ankle. I am such a dummy. If I had just taken a month off from every activity, maybe all this would have been unnecessary. We will never know however.

A year and a half later, I still am not playing tennis and cannot walk the golf course anymore; I have to ride. Even then, after playing my ankle hurts.

I have been reading about the PRP therapy and it seems to get good results. However, it only seems to be done in CA and FL for the most part. It was hard to find a Dr. in this area who does it. The orthopod that I was seeing for my ankle said it was too experimental and they don’t do it. I think maybe they just aren’t on the leading edge of medicine.

I did hear about a Podiatric group here in Richmond that is doing it. Made the appointment and yes, I was a candidate. The tendon was inflamed in several places and PRP might help. There are no guarantees. And guess what, my insurance company will cover the process! How about that! I guess my orthopod needs to catch up if even the insurance companies are covering the process! I will be on crutches for “two to four weeks”. Holy Cow Batman; that is going to be hard to do. But, sometimes the pain is worth the gain so let’s do it is my attitude.

They do this in the outpatient operating room. I had mine at Johnston Willis Hospital. Everyone there was professional and personable. Just a great experience.

If you want the gory details here they are. First I was given three or four numbing shots in my lower leg above the ankle. That hurt quite a bit. Simultaneously blood was taken from my arm. Then about 20 minutes later I was wheeled into the operating room. The Doc came in with the platelet rich plasma and started giving me the shots. Normally, it is one injection. However they had done ultrasound in the office the day before and had determined that I had about a 6 to 8 inch area of inflamed tendon. This time he gave me about 4 injections of the PRP. Each time he stuck me, he would wiggle the needle and moving it about to get the stuff all over. On about the second or third shot, it hurt and hurt a lot. Then he gave me more numbing stuff. So the last couple shots didn’t hurt but I was expecting it to. Thus my body was a stiff as a board waiting on the pain to come from each shot.

Finally it was over. Really only took about 20 minutes although it seemed longer.

Now it is Friday and I go back for followup visit Monday. I hope to get the wrapping off and get instructions as to physical therapy, activity etc. I don’t expect to be playing golf again until January; tennis a little later. Walking I would hope would come sooner rather than later.

I will put out a report after the visit Monday.