Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The day after the November 4 elections and what can we conclude?

The Republicans won big in Virginia and New Jersey. These elections weren’t even close. They were what the political pollsters call “landslides”!

Ok, we could spend a lot of time analyzing each of the specific races and look at the pros and cons of each candidate and rationalize why each might have won and their opponent might have lost.

But, and however, is the real reason that the winners were Republican and the losers were Democratic? Why would this be? Might it be a rejection of Obama socialism?

What has happened since the last national election? We have seen Barack Obama depart from his middle of the road campaign promises to out and out domestic socialistic policies on taxation, the economy, and health care. His stance on the wars and our reputation in the rest of world have been as advertised. He is doing a good job in these areas.

However, domestically it looks like, at least in two states, people are saying that they don’t like what the Democrats are trying to do. In reaction, they have gone back to Republican candidates, who themselves have their own pros and cons.

Why can’t we have candidates who are squarely in the middle of the road where the majority of Americans are? Maybe there is no middle of the road anymore?

Anyway, at least in Virginia and New Jersey, we have seen a huge rejection of the Democrats!