Thursday, December 16, 2010


Week five and time to visit the ankle Doctor for a checkup. He questioned me closely about how long I was non weight bearing on the ankle and how long I wore the ankle brace after going off crutches.

Then he yanked and twisted and poked my ankle to see if and where it hurt. The bottom line is that it still hurts some but not as much as it did before the procedure. I told him that I have not yet done any exercise on it such as swimming or exercise bike. He said I could start that stuff but not to do any running or elliptical etc. Still no golf until February 1.

We talked about what is next from a treatment perspective. He still thinks it will get better to some degree. The main problem is getting my foot in a position with orthotics so that it does not put strain on the tendon. Well, no luck there. He asked if I had done the orthotic at his office and I had. But, I said that I gave up on the adjustments after two tries.

He didn’t want me to give up and even said that further adjustments were on him. Did I have the orthotic with me, he asked. I got them out of the car. He looked at them and said that he agreed with me; they were not right and he would get the adjustments made. I am waiting on a call in a couple weeks.

So, I am going to make my own adjustments to existing pairs of orthotics and off the shelf inserts. I think I have enough knowledge to cut and paste pads etc to make something that works. That is my project for this weekend. No, I am not a podiatrist but did sleep in a Holiday Inn last night!

Bottom line is that the ankle is better and will keep getting better the more I can get the foot in the position that does not strain the tendon. The sooner the better on that. I can actually tell if a shoe or orthotic or insert irritates or makes it feel good.

Another appointment in February.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yes, it has been four long weeks of being on crutches (three weeks) and wearing the ankle brace and or walking boot (one week). I have missed some good golf weather and golfing experiences with my golf buddies. In addition, I have missed swimming and working out.

On the plus side, I have gotten some books read and many office and home projects attended to. Everyone has been very nice to me, wife included! In fact, she has gone beyond the call of duty by attending to my needs. I owe her big time.

The ankle is feeling better each day. I am now wearing shoes but no brace or walking boot. It seems like I can walk and move around better as times goes on. I am not trying to push it by doing a lot of motion exercises however. In fact, the Doctor told me not to do any of that.

I go back for my five week appointment next Wednesday and I will do a report at that time. I am hoping to get the go ahead to swim, lift weights and ride the exercise bike. He has already told me not to swing a golf club until February. If the ankle gets well, I can deal with that.