Saturday, May 12, 2012


So here it is, one night and I am pondering some profound questions and wondering about the answers.

Question: why do they say that golf is a mostly mental sport and not all physical?

Answer: because unlike most sports, the action is not coming at you nor is it constant motion such as soccer, football, lacrosse, etc. In most sports you don't have time to think much, you must react quickly and or think quickly about what is happening and what you are going to do. Golf, on the other hand, has this little ball that is sitting still and needs to be hit. You have way too much time to think about how, where, and with what club to hit that little ball. As the warden said in Cool Hand Luke, "you need to get your mind right Luke"! Without a confident mindset in golf, you are not going to play your best.

Question: in the upcoming elections, who is going to vote for Obama?

Answer: the 47% of people in this country who do not pay any taxes! We are being lead down the road towards full blown socialism faster than a speeding bullet!

Question: is this scary for our future?

Answer: you bet it is! Look at what is happening in Europe right now. They have massive problems and now France has just elected a Socialist to bring back the "public dole". Greece, France, Spain, Italy, etc all have economic problems due to a lack of work ethic brought on by generous public benefits, early retirement ages and lavish government pensions.

Question: What can we do about this?

Answer: Vote out Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the other Democratic incumbents and also some of the obstructionist Republicans. We need a cooperative Congress who will drastically cut costs and refine Social Security and Medicare as well as make our tax code more simple and more fair. Yes that might mean raising taxes for some but also should mean lowering the percentage of people who pay NO taxes: that is outrageous.

Question: are you going to hear this from me again prior to the elections?

Answer: YES