Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yes, we have a major disaster going on the Gulf of Mexico, other wise known as the Gulf of Oil!
Yes, it is the result of an accident and or negligence or acts of ignorance.
Maybe it is the result of criminal activity in the form of willful ignorance of safety regulations.
Probably not is it the result of someone purposefully trying to cause an oil spill such as this.

However, our U.S. Attorney wants to prosecute someone or some entity for criminal and civil activity. In a press conference, U. S. Attorney Eric Holder said there is “a wide range of possible violations”. He also said authorities aren’t “clear on who should be ultimately be held liable”.

What? So we think that there might have been some criminal activity and we don’t know who did it but think someone might have?

So, the government is on a witch hunt to find the perpetrators! What do I think?

Well, one of the main things you do in business as a good leader is to solve the problem before you start assigning blame! Think about it. If you have a problem, you need to fix the problem and in order to that, you need everyone’s focus to be on fixing the problem not on trying to evade blame.

Sure there probably is some blame to go around. Might even be some non compliance with government regulations and even with BP’s self imposed rules. However, doesn’t it make more sense to get everyone focused on stopping the oil leak before diverting attention to assigning blame?

Yes, we know that the Obama administration is quick to hand out blame and not take responsibility for anything. I did hear Obama, in a speech, take responsibility for this disaster. Wow! Should Attorney Holder go after Obama? I don’t think that is going to happen.

Yes, let’s get this leak stopped. Let’s use all our resources to get this done. Then, we can find out who and what might have caused this disaster. That is what good leadership would do. We haven’t really had a good leader as President since Ronald Reagan, is my opinion.

What do you think?