Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Everywhere you look, there is talk of taxing profits! From Barack Obama, from Nancy Pelosi, from Barney Frank (two of the most farcical and stupid members of Congress), from most of the Democrats; all they can see with their greedy eyes is taxing and regulating their way to prosperity.

Are you kidding me? Did they ever take ANY economics courses in College? Did they ever look at the historical patterns of surpluses and deficits in this country?

With the exception of war years, we have had surpluses most of the Republican years and deficits during the Democratic years. We need to make an exception for the George W Bush years however. The cost of his wars in combination with the recession has resulted in huge deficits. Now these deficits are being grown by the Obama administration.

Everywhere you look you see more and more taxes proposed. Tax the banks because they are now making money. Tax the hedge funds. Tax the options industry. Tax the insurance industry. What the heck, let's raise taxes on those few people who still have jobs and make money by eliminating the Bush tax cuts!

Not only create more taxes, but let’s restrict bonuses! Bonuses make people work harder and figure out how to make even more money for their company; and themselves too! But hey, that is what capitalism is all about. We are not a socialist country yet although that is what the Democrats want us to be.

Let’s give everything to everybody and those that can make the most money can support those that don’t want to work so hard. This seems to be what the Democratic motto is.

What they are trying to do is stifle the creativity in business that results in more people being hired! What? I thought they wanted to hire more people? Only if they will support the rest of us.

Not exactly, what they want to do is to hire more people to make things. Well folks, I have news for you. Our competitive advantage in making things went away a long time ago due to The Labor Unions and due to lower labor costs in other countries. Our competitive advantage is in finance and business services and technology and innovation. If we stifle the ability of our companies to innovate and create and if we remove the financial incentives for them to do so, then we will die. As surely as other fallen societies in history, we will fall from dominance to being dominated.

What can we do? We can defeat every incumbent Congressperson who is running for re-election this fall. We need to get them all out and start over. Especially defeat any Democrats running for re-election. We need to get our country back to running on innovation, initiative and capitalism!