Monday, February 25, 2013


Here are a couple things that you really need to know and pay attention to. Spread the word if you agree. Now is the time to let your Congressmen Congresswomen know what you think.

First of all, you are aware of the Sequester cuts in spending that are supposed to start in March if nothing else is done. I am saying that even though they might be tough to swallow for some areas, overall this is the best thing that can happen. That is of course, unless Congress figures out a way to work together and readjust the cuts. Good luck on that!
We have to quit spending so much money that we have to borrow. The increases in debt  need to stop and the only way to do this right now is to stop spending by the Government. We have raised tax rates at the end of last year so now it is time to cut spending. Right?

That was the deal, raise taxes and cut spending. Well what do you think Obama and the Democrats want to do? Cut spending? But no, they have not put forth a plan (other than the Sequester) to cut spending at all! They want to raise taxes some more! Something has to happen and that is why we should just go ahead with letting the Sequester happen. Maybe it will jar some sense into the “spend at all costs” Democrats.   

Here are three  examples of government spending gone totally out of control; and not just spending by the Democrats but all parties:
·         Take three minutes to watch this video; it will scare you and make you angry; we have to stop the spreading of government programs that employ more and more people and create more and more regulations that strangle the American economy;
·         Per the Wall Street Journal on February 19th, 2013 the government cell phone program has spent $2.2 BILLION in 2012; this us up from $819 Million in 2008. That is an almost tripling of the size of this program in only four years.
·         Look at the salaries in the federal government in terms of average size compared to the private sector: Now while I am not a fan of Eric Cantor he does lay out for all of us what is going on in Washington right now. The current administration has given an across the board pay raise to all employees when the average government employee already makes more than the average private sector employee. First of all, across the board pay raises eliminates the initiative to perform better and get MERIT pay raises, which is what the private sector uses. Second of all, right now when most private sector employees are not getting any raises, why should the government hand out a raise to everyone across the board?    

Thanks for listening and reading. If you got this far you are concerned. Lets do something about this. Let your representatives know how you feel. When it comes time for the next election, pay attention to what the candidates are saying, then vote for someone who wants to reduce the scope, size and spending of our government.