Sunday, August 22, 2010


Okay, the question is: do you go or not go? My 45th High School reunion was held this past weekend in Huntington WV. It had been in the planning stage for the last five or six months so the date was not a surprise. The only other high school reunion that I have been to was the 20th. Somewhere along the way, during about 8 address changes, I got lost in the system.

As far as attending, I could think of many reasons not to go and many reasons to go.

As far as not going:
· It was a six hour drive one way;
· I needed a hotel room for two nights;
· There were other things going on in my life and that of my wife that needed to be done;
· Will my wife have a good time; really, should she even go?
· Am I going to know or remember anyone?
· Will they remember me?
· Will the normal cliques show up that happen in any group of a graduating class of 550?
· Etc, etc?

On the side of going:
· The first night’s gathering was going to be held at a location in which my deceased father had his business so that would be a good reunion in and of itself;
· What other opportunity would there be to relive old experiences with people I grew up with from kindergarten to high school?
· Having made the effort to be found, how could I now not go?
· Maybe some close friends from that part of my life would be there;

So, it was time to “fish or cut bait’ so to speak. Just send in the money and block off the weekend and go! That was it. Go and have a good time and see what happens.

What I can tell you is that all my positive expectations were exceeded and none of the negative ones materialized!

I had a wonderful time. I have never hugged so many women in two nights in my whole life! I even hugged some of the guys!
We were able to go back into time and relive old experiences and happenings. It was so great to find out what happened to people after high school; learn about their kids, their careers, and their travels in life. Everyone one was so nice to everyone; there didn’t seem to be any exclusionary activity going on. My wife, bless her heart, was a good sport about going; she even found a person that she went to high school with (the wife of one of my buddies). I think she had a good time, given the circumstances. The organizers out-did themselves with the logistics, food, and handout booklet. About the only problem going on was trying to hear what someone was saying given that the music was kind of loud.

Am I glad to have made the effort to go? Absolutely, no question about it! Will I go to the 50th high school reunion? Absolutely, no question about it!

If you get the opportunity to go to your high school reunion, you should give it a shot. Might be glad you did!